Structural Steel

Structural steel typically comes in two types for outdoor living structures.

Heavier steel which can be used for main beams and posts/columns. Lighter steel that typically much thinner and rolled into post and beams to give them strength.

Heavy Structural Steel

Such steel is not usually used for kit type products such as verandahs, pergolas, etc. Heavier structural steel can include the following:

  • RHS, rectangular hollow section.
  • SHS, square hollow section.
  • UB, Universal/H beams.
  • PFC, parallel flange channel/C beams.
  • Angled steel.
  • T sections.

The above beams come in two variations as stated below. For most external uses, galvanized will be required by the engineer.

  • Primed steel – has a protective metal primer applied.
  • Galvanized steel – been trough a process of galvanizing.

Heavy structural steel is typically used when loads need to be supported over wide spans such as openings in alfresco areas, beams over a pool area or supports over a carport.

The below image is a good example of structural beams being used on a combined carport/deck and verandah we built.

structural galvanized steel

For further information on steel is made and coated, here are some excellent resources to visit:

Light Rolled Steel

Light rolled steel is cold rolled and is thinner than structure steel, typically being from .5 to 2mm.

This thinner steel is then rolled into square or rectangular columns and beams with the edges being folded together to complete the process.

Once this process is complete, products are then powder coated with zinc, additional anti corrosion primers and finally a colour coating.

Here are several images of cold rolled beams:

The benefits of using light rolled steel include the following:

  • Supplies are easily sourced no matter your location.
  • The lightest structural steel currently available.
  • Most suppliers offering in kit form.
  • Easy to work with, especially for a DIY builder.
  • Little to no maintenance.

Here is a list of some of the major suppliers that provide steel, verandahs, carports and patios.

Additional Information

Suppliers – Stratco