Stratco Steel Pergolas, Verandahs & Carports

Stratco has been building and improving their unique steel pergolas and verandas for over 70 years and is continually evolving so that customers get the best product for them. Stratco has a vast amount of experience in the building and home renovation market and has developed into one become one of the largest producers and marketers of quality building and home improvement products in Australia. and is actively pursuing a place on the world stage.

Now with state of the art manufacturing facilities in nearly all states across Australia, Stratco has become one of our largest producers of not only outdoor entertainment areas but also many other steel structures, products, and building materials. Stratco has an extensive network of authorised retailers across Australia, which APM is proud to be part of.

Outdoor Living

Enjoy the best of the outdoor living experience by choosing a Stratco Verandah, Carport, or Pergola. Create your ideal garden room by opening your home to the outdoors and creating garden space and structure that can be enjoyed year-round. When you have a Stratco steel garden building, you are protected from strong sunlight and rainy days and can rely on the perfect space for dining, entertaining, or letting the children play safely.
At APM, we take your outdoor lifestyle requirements seriously, and we are committed to using quality materials to achieve a top class outside space for you to enjoy.

Quality Construction

Stratco pergolas, verandahs & carports are made from either a galvanised (zinc) or zinc/alum (zinc/aluminium) protective coating and usually has a coloured surface added. This makes them long wearing and corrosion-free for decades of which is critical given the Australian climate.

Our professional team has plenty of experience of constructing outdoor entertainment solutions and can advise you on the designs, materials, and finishes which would best suit the look of your home. When you decide to improve your home with a fabulous new outdoor space, don’t skimp on materials and craftsmanship. Choose the quality construction that Stratco offers, then sit back and relax under your great new verandah or pergola.

You can also rely on Stratco quality carports, which use the same strength of high tensile steel, which can be used versatilely to create your ideal construction. Whatever the outdoor building of your dreams, Stratco’s carefully engineered features, including fluted steel columns manufactured for optimum structural support and careful attention to finishing details, won’t fail to impress.

Stratco products are designed to look great as well as be functional, the underside of roofs are coloured to give the impression of a separate ceiling, and fastenings and brackets are concealed or coloured so as not to spoil the aesthetic of the building. You can select from a range of colours for your pergola, verandah or carport to echo the style of your property and location. Stratco uses top quality materials, and the quality control process is rigorous, including testing by independent experts to ensure they not only meet but surpass safety standards.

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