Allan Staines, the well-known author of the very popular The Australian Owner Builders Manual, The Australian Renovators Manual, How to be a Successful Owner Builder and Renovator, House Building the Easy Hebel Way and The Australian Roof Building Manual, has released his latest book, The Australian Decks and Pergolas Construction Manual.

Australian Decks and Pergolas follows the tradition of Allan Staines’ previous books in that it covers a large amount of construction detail, is well-illustrated with ink sketches, endeavours to cover its topic as comprehensively as possible and, most importantly, all the information conforms to Australian Codes and requirements.

The book is roughly divided into two sections, the first on decks and the second on pergolas. Each section starts with designing and estimating, looking at the different basic designs, the requirements for Council approval, basic terminology and timber qualities such as stress rating and treatment levels. After the preferred design for the deck or pergola has been chosen, there are step-by-step details of its construction, including handrails, balustrades and steps.

At the end of Australian Decks and Pergolas, there are a number of tables, covering post and stirrup footing sizes, deck bearer and stair stringer sizes, roof beam and rafter span tables, design loads of various fastening brackets, cyclonic strength ratings for various components and other information essential to the successful design of a deck or pergola.

The Australian Decks and Pergolas Construction Manual is an invaluable reference for any homeowner intending to build, or hire someone to build, a deck or pergola.

Illustrations: Black & White


  • Designing & Estimating
  • Designing Decks & Pergolas
  • Preparing Plans for Council
  • Terminology & Abbreviations
  • Timbers to Use
  • Estimating the Cost

Deck Designs

Deck Construction

  • Footings & Post Supports
  • Post to Bearer Connections
  • Making Housings in Round Posts
  • Attaching Joists to Bearers
  • Attaching Decks to Walls
  • Bracing Decks
  • Concealing Bracing
  • Laying Decking (Flooring)
  • Waterproof & Tiled Decks
  • Building Outdoor Steps
  • Handrailing & Construction Details

How to Build Decks

  • How to Build Decks Attached to the House
  • How to Build a Freestanding Deck

Designing PergoIas

  • Pergola Design Ideas

PergoIa Construction

  • Pergola Construction with or without Roof Cladding
  • Preparing a Plan
  • Pergola Posts, Columns & Footings
  • Post-to-Bearer Connections
  • Beam-to-Post Connections
  • Rafter-to-Beam Connections
  • Attaching Pergolas to the House
  • Bracing Pergolas

How to Build a PergoIa

  • Painting & Preserving Decks & Pergolas

Deck & PergoIa Tables

  • Tables 4, 5 & 6 Deck & Pergola Post Footing Sizes
  • Table 7 Post Sizes for Decks or Pergolas
  • Table 8 Deck Bearer Sizes
  • Table 9 Deck Joists
  • Table 10 Decking (Deck Flooring) & Fastenings
  • Table 11, 12 Stair Stringers & Treads
  • Table 13, 14, 15 Handrail Sizes & Spans
  • Table 16 Fastenings for Balusters/Infills
  • Table 17 Pergola Beams N1 to N2 (Non. Cycl.)
  • Table 18 Pergola Beams N3 (Non Cyclonic) to C1 (Cyclonic)
  • Table 19 Pergola Beams N3 (Non Cyclonic) to C1 (Cyclonic)
  • Table 20 Pergola Rafters N1 to N2(Non Cyclonic)
  • Table 21 Pergola Rafters N3 (Non Cyclonic) to C1 (Cyclonic)
  • Table 22 Pergola Roof Battens
  • Table 23 Pryda Post Anchors
  • Table 24 Pryda Framing Bracket (Joist Hanger) Design Loads
  • Table 25 & 26 Pryda Bracket Sizes & Selection Chart

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