You’ve been dreaming of renovating your home and adding a pergola or deck has been in your mind for some time now. Pergolas, verandahs, and decks add beauty and value to any home and will be the source of enjoyment for you and your family. Have fun outdoors while still being protected when you have a pergola installed in your home.

After doing a bit of research, you can’t seem to decide whether building one yourself or hiring professionals in Melbourne is the way to go. Learn more about your choices so you can make the best possible decision for your dream home.

Doing It Yourself

Feeling adventurous? You might have thought about building a pergola yourself and the idea certainly is thrilling. However, it IS a tedious process especially if you’re not a crafty person yourself.

Renovating or building a pergola, deck or any structure for that matter requires some knowledge in craftsmanship. There are things to consider such as deciding what material to use because you would want to use materials that can withstand the harshest conditions. Simply extending your home isn’t as easy as you might think — you need to take measurements too. There is also the issue of knowing whether your foundation is strong enough to support your renovation.

DIY or Hiring Professional Pergola Builders Which is Better


What makes DIY projects appealing to most is the creative freedom that comes with it. You may have been inspired by a design you saw online or you have a specific idea in your head that you’ve been wanting to build. You also get to control expenses and with a DIY, the sky’s the limit with how much (or how little) you want to shell out. Regardless of the reason, you would certainly be forced to think outside of the box.

Another reason why DIY projects are seriously considered is because of time spent with family and friends helping you build it. This may be the perfect opportunity to bond with them as you hammer away. There seems to be a certain level of satisfaction when the project is finished that can’t be replicated when it’s done by professionals.

Hiring a Professional Pergola Builder in Melbourne

While the reasons above are certainly worth considering, nothing will take the place of the experience and knowledge of professional builders who have been in the business for years.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Affordable Pergolas

  • Safety – A DIY sounds like a massive woodwork project that involves family and friends which may sound fun, but safety should be a priority whenever you embark on a project that involves the use of machinery and equipment. You would also want your structure to be sturdy and last throughout the years and for this reason, hiring professionals wouldn’t be a hard choice to make.
  • Expectations are met – We know that the design you saw online is just THE perfect addition to your home but not every DIY project will end with favourable results. In fact, sometimes during construction you might encounter issues you never thought of and you’re likely to face them either alone or with friends (if they’d still be willing to, that is). With the help of Affordable Pergolas, not only are your expectations met, but you are likely to fully enjoy a pergola, verandah, or deck that is customised to your needs.

  • Expertise – It isn’t easy to build a structure from scratch and hiring the services of a professional who has extensive experience and knowledge about building custom-made pergolas, verandah, and decks will be an investment in itself. DIY projects may give you creative freedom, but you might be putting yourself and your family at risk for choosing inappropriate materials that might not stand the test of time or against the elements.
  • Permits and regulations – Professionals can do the paperwork on your behalf when it comes to renovating or at-home construction. They would also know any regulations that you might not be familiar with or aware of that could land you in trouble.
  • A worthy investment – Aside from investing in someone with knowledge and experience, the structure itself will be a worthwhile real estate investment. A home that has structures such as a pergola or a deck have an increased market value here in Australia, as most people love spending their time outdoors. If you have plans of possibly selling your home down the road, adding a pergola, verandah, or deck will greatly help its value when you decide to sell.
  • No stress or worries – Professionals give you peace of mind because of their level of craftsmanship and expertise. When the design and budget has been set, all you need to do now is plan how you would like to decorate your pergola or deck when it’s all finished!

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