Add a personal touch to your pergola with these 6 easy tips to think about before you shell out any cash.

Decide on the space’s purpose

Why did you have a pergola built? Knowing the purpose of your pergola is a great way to start. You might have had it built because you love outdoor parties and you want to entertain more people. You also might have decided on a pergola because it will be a safe and secured place for your children to play in.

Regardless of the purpose, always keep this in mind when moving forward with your plans. It will help you make decisions about materials, costs, and such.

Your home’s theme

Pergolas are generally considered an extension of a home. When you’re deciding how you want your pergola to look like, considering your home’s design theme is a factor that you would want to bear in mind.

Look at your home’s colour palette for starters. You might want to use the same colour scheme for your pergola. If you have a distinct style, such as a rustic American theme, then it wouldn’t be too hard to design your outdoor space in a similar way.


When you look at your home as a whole, you’d want a pergola that blends in seamlessly into the space, rather than it being a separate structure.

A focal point

In each room of your home, there should be a statement piece that will make people draw attention to it. For your pergola, you might want to consider a central fire pit, a unique upholstery design, or a statement wall. Early on, you should be able to decide what your statement piece should be so other things like accessories can be easily decided on later in the process.


Pergolas are popular in Melbourne because it gives residents an opportunity to spend time outdoors in a safe and secure environment. It is also a great spot for outdoor entertainment during the spring and summer months while still providing protection come wintertime. Pergolas add market value to your home especially when you have intentions of selling your property in the future.

How you intend to make your pergola a comfortable space for everyone is something that should be well thought out.

Consider these questions:

  • How do you plan to protect you and your family against the harsh rays of the sun?
  • When it rains, how will you protect your furniture and appliances?
  • When it’s cold, how do you want to keep yourselves warm?

Make your pergola a space you want to spend time in not just during days when the weather is cooperating. The weather is something you have no control over; consider getting blinds or setting up a gas heater for when nights become chilly.


During the day time, the sun will be able to provide natural light. At night time, lighting can make or break your outdoor space. Invest in solar panels to help save on energy and place lights focusing on certain areas of your pergola, such as a hanging garden or the pillars.


Other Ways to Design Your Pergola

When you’re done with the overall design and theme of your pergola, add some charm and style with these other design suggestions from Affordable Pergolas Melbourne:

Vines and Climbing Plants

Climbing plants and vines will add some natural beauty to your pergola especially when it has reached the rooftop and provides shade during the summer. These plants are hardy and can survive the elements. They are inexpensive and very easy to maintain.

Lanterns and string lights

These simple yet attractive lighting options will help make your pergola more inviting. Fairy lights are eye-catching, affordable and won’t affect your electric bill. It will also give your pergola a romantic vibe. Paper lanterns add a touch of traditional style in a modern-looking pergola.

These are soft lighting options that can make your outdoor space more homely. Looks like there will be a space to unwind in after a long day’s work!

Suitable furniture

No pergola is complete with a set of furniture that will complement your style and overall design. Choose furniture pieces that will hold up against the weather or one that can be easily kept.


Blinds will provide privacy when you need it. You can still enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about being spied on my nosy neighbours. Outdoor blinds come in a range of designs and depending on your budget, you can get ones that can be manually adjusted or remote-controlled.

Affordable Pergolas Melbourne

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