The River Red Gum tree (E. Camaldulensis ) is one of the 800 varieties of the Eucalyptus species. This beautiful tree is native to Australia where it is found near inland rivers and other water courses in the mainland of this continent. It is a shade producing tree that also helps in stabilizing river banks by spreading out its roots to hold the soil and control flooding. The There are River Red Gum tree plantations around the world including Argentina, Brazil, California, Spain, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, etc.

This tree may grow to a height of 45 meters under favourable conditions. It has a smooth bark, the colour of which ranges from white and grey to reddish brown. The bark is usually shed in the form of long ribbons. The River Red Gum tree has a large, thick canopy of leaves above it. Reddish brown bark covers the base of the trunk. This is a fast growing variety of Eucalyptus and it can grow tall and straight and sometimes with twisted branches if the tree doesn’t get enough water and minerals.

River Red Gum gets its name from the brilliant shade of red wood that the tree produces. The shade can vary from light pink to dark red or almost black, depending on age and weather conditions.

Timber Attributes of River Red Gum:

  • Not suited for manual wood-working
  • Quite brittle and maybe cross-grained
  • Popular due to its stunning deep red colour
  • Distinctive curly or fiddleback designs
  • Grub holes may exist on this wood
  • Reacts to changes in humidity
  • Carves quite well
  • Old and weathered wood is perfect for wood turners
  • Unsuitable for steam bending
  • Good resistance to surface checking if grain is straight
  • Average Janka hardness rating Dry: Hard

Although the Sapwood is susceptible to Lyctid, it is resistant to Termites inside above ground.

The Marine Borer Resistance of Heartwood is rated Class 2. The Natural Durability Rating of Heartwood above ground is rated Class 1 and Natural Durability Rating of Heartwood In-Ground contact is Class 2.

River Red Gum timber is used for:

  • Decking
  • Flooring
  • Fence posts
  • Stumps
  • Sleepers
  • Furniture
  • Decorative Turnery
  • Panelling