Custom Timber Pergolas Melbourne

Pergolas are roofless structures that can bring shade and character to a featureless backyard. It can bring a fantastic sense of ambiance to any space, and you can enhance the look with garden furniture or attractive planting. Pergolas are most commonly constructed of new or recycled timber, steel or aluminium or concrete, and feature open rafters or battens and shade cloth. A popular choice is an added wire support so you can grow vines or other climbing plants, which both look fantastic and contribute shade.

Pergolas are functional in that they make garden maintenance easier, and they increase your outdoor living space year-round. The structures can be as ornate or as simple as you choose, and you can customise them to suit your needs.


Custom Pergola Designs

Whatever look you want to create for your backyard, we can help. Browse the photo gallery for inspiration or simply let us know what you’re looking for. Whether you’re hoping for trailing vines on a rustic recycled wood structure, or a modern, streamlined poolside pergola, we can provide it.

A pergola can be freestanding or attached to your house, so there are a few things that you need to consider before you choose what you want it to be made of. You will need to consider how much sun or shade you want on the patio below, as this will determine the roof beam materials and the orientation you choose for the pergola. You also need to think about maintenance and the climate of where you live, when deciding what to build a structure from.

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