Hi, and welcome! To receive a quick and fast quote, simply fill out the following short pergola/verandah form and will get back to you with an estimated quotation asap.

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Stratco Pergola, Verandah & Carport Quote Form – Melbourne

Quote form for Steel Structures Only

What is your house made of:
Is your house fascia:
What type of roofing does your house have:
Concrete Tiles
Is the area under the proposed verandah/pergola:
Reasonably flat
On a slight slope
On a large slope
Will your verandah/pergola be:
Attached to the house
Are you seeking a (stratco pergolas, verandahs, carports, patios – images on different types of stratco structures):
Outback – Flat
Outback – Gable End
Outback – Gazebo End
Outback – Hip End
Outback – Curved
Outback – Sunroof
Outback – Heritage Traditioanl Gable
Outback – Heritage Dutch Gable
Outback – Pergola
Underneath the proposed verandah/pergola is there:
Is there an existing structure to be removed:

P1. Size of proposed verandah/pergola in square meters – Example, 6m length X 4m width = 24 square meters:
P2. Which length from above is running along the house – using the above example would be 6m or 4m:
P3. What is the height from the ground to the bottom of your fascia (in metres)?:
P4. On approximately what date are you looking to have this job started?:

D1. Your Name:
D2. Email Address:
D3. Job Address:
D4. Suburb:
D5. Postcode:
D6. Phone Number:
D7. Mobile:
D8. Best time to call:
D9. Comments – Other Information: