Each local government area (LGA) or council within the Sydney metropolitan area offers various building and planning services designed to ensure their localities’ appropriate development and maintenance. While the specific procedures and rules may vary between councils, standard services provided by these councils often include the following:

  1. Development Applications (DAs): This service involves processing and assessing applications for new developments, renovations, or changes to existing buildings. This ensures all proposed structures comply with local planning controls, building regulations, and environmental considerations.
  2. Planning Proposals and Amendments: Councils often handle proposals to change local planning controls. This could involve rezoning land, amending development standards, or changing the local environmental plan.
  3. Building Certificates and Inspections: Councils are responsible for conducting inspections at critical stages of construction to ensure work complies with the approved plans and relevant building codes. Councils also issue building certificates that certify that a building’s structure is legal and complies with current building regulations.
  4. Heritage Conservation: Many councils maintain lists of heritage items and conservation areas within their boundaries. They advise on maintaining, renovating, or altering heritage items and buildings in conservation areas.
  5. Environmental Assessments: Environmental assessment services evaluate the potential environmental impact of proposed developments. They guide the design and implementation of development proposals to ensure sustainable practices.
  6. Local Strategic Planning: Councils provide local strategic planning services, which involve envisioning the local area’s future development. This involves setting goals and strategies for issues like housing, infrastructure, environment, and community facilities.
  7. Public Consultation: Most councils provide opportunities for public consultation on major projects or changes to planning rules. This allows community members to have a say in developing their local area.

These services aim to manage growth and change within the local area while balancing social, economic, and environmental factors. They ensure that development contributes positively to the community and local environment. However, the details of these services can vary between councils, so it is always recommended to visit each council’s website or contact them directly for specific information.

Building & Planning – Adelaide Councils

  1. City of Adelaide: https://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/
  2. City of Burnside: https://www.burnside.sa.gov.au/
  3. City of Campbelltown: https://www.campbelltown.sa.gov.au/
  4. City of Charles Sturt: https://www.charlessturt.sa.gov.au/
  5. Town of Gawler: https://www.gawler.sa.gov.au/
  6. City of Holdfast Bay: https://www.holdfast.sa.gov.au/
  7. City of Marion: https://www.marion.sa.gov.au/
  8. City of Mitcham: https://www.mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au/
  9. City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters: https://www.npsp.sa.gov.au/
  10. City of Onkaparinga: https://www.onkaparingacity.com/
  11. City of Playford: https://www.playford.sa.gov.au/
  12. City of Port Adelaide Enfield: https://www.cityofpae.sa.gov.au/
  13. City of Prospect: https://www.prospect.sa.gov.au/
  14. Town of Walkerville: https://www.walkerville.sa.gov.au/
  15. City of West Torrens: https://www.westtorrens.sa.gov.au/
  16. City of Unley: https://www.unley.sa.gov.au/
  17. City of Tea Tree Gully: https://www.teatreegully.sa.gov.au/
  18. City of Salisbury: https://www.salisbury.sa.gov.au/