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Chris Taylor

Pergola Consulting Package Form

What is your house made of:
Is your house fascia:
Does your house have an eave (overhang):
What type of roofing does your house have:
Concrete Tiles
Is the area under the proposed pergola:
Reasonably flat
On a slight slope
On a large slope
Will your pergola be:
Attached to the house
Are you installing a:
Flat roof (skillion)
Pitched roof (gable)
What type of roofing material are you putting on your pergola?:
No roof – battons only
Colorbond metal
Combined colorbond/polycarbonate
Underneath the proposed pergola is there:

P1. Size of proposed pergola in square meters – Example, 6m length X 4m width = 24 square meters:
P2. Which length from above is running along the house – using the above example would be 6m or 4m:

D1. Your Name:
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