Why Build A Carport…

If you don’t want to leave your car outside exposed to the elements, then you should consider a carport. When a vehicle is parked under a carport, it is protected from rain, dust, sun, and other weather conditions that could mean costly damage. A protective structure also makes your car or truck less visible, and therefore less vulnerable to theft.

The most apparent advantage a carport has over building a garage is cost. We can build you a good quality, sturdy carport to your specifications for a fraction of the cost of a garage.

A carport is an open structure which we can tailor to match the style of the rest of your property, so it doesn’t look as imposing as a garage. It can also be a flexible, multi-use structure if you size it to allow for storage as well as car protection.  

A carport can be constructed from a variety of materials, depending on your needs and preferences. You can decorate your carport as you would any other garden structure, with seasonal planting to soften it and make it look a part of your home. Plants growing along the edges of the structure will also provide subtle privacy and screening. 

Have a look at previous carport projects in the photo gallery below for inspiration.

Benefits of A Carport…

Weather Protection

A carport is roofed to provide shade and protection in any weather. You can keep your vehicle safely out of the elements and prevent the damage that strong sunlight and dust can cause. 


A carport can be useful because of its proximity to your home. We can construct your carport close to your house and advise you on lighting so you can pull up and park right next to your door in a well lit, safe place rather than on a dark street.

Burglar Deterrent 

If your car is safely off the street, then it is less likely to be vulnerable to vandalism. The likelihood of opportunistic theft from your vehicle is reduced, too, as thieves are less keen to enter covered areas close to a house.   

Additional Space

You can use carports as an outdoor porch for extra space, or even as a shaded area for storage. Depending on the size of your carport, it can also be a great place to keep trailers or boats out of the elements.

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