Cantilever Carports

The process of building and improving metal framed garden buildings has gathered speed over the last few years as materials have become more technical. 

Pergolas, verandahs & carports can be made from either a galvanised (zinc) or zinc/alum (zinc/aluminium) protective coating, then usually has a color surface added, making the structure hard wearing and corrosion resistant. This makes metal carports a great choice given the Australian climate.  


Made from only the finest materials, our imported cantaport is engineered to perfection and can be fitted beautifully just about anywhere and everywhere!

The cantaport is the latest stylish and functional shading choice for your vehicle and can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your property. The cantilever system consists of clear polycarbonate sheeting that looks like glass but is stronger and can flex with your needs. 

The aluminium framework of the cantaport lasts for a long time, is corrosion free and low maintenance. The polycarbonate cover protects your vehicle by providing 100% UV protection and blocking 83% of the heat. This reduction in temperature and light increases the safety and comfort under the shelter, and the glass-look roof allows light in without the need for other electrical installations.

The advantage of the cantilever system is the intelligent design, and you will have only two main posts and three open sides, giving you options for shade and vehicle storage.  The structure is constructed so that the built-in guttering and downpipes direct water away from the sheltered section without spoiling the clean lines. 

Design Configurations

The Cantaport can be designed to shade multiples vehicles in a variety of configurations; you can choose to have a single standalone unit or arrange two or more cantaports to shelter two or three vehicles. 

If you are looking for a practical carport, then the cantaport is a great choice; tests confirm that the polycarbonate is sheeting reduces heat-related damage to cars and furniture stored under the shelter. The sheet covering also repels water and funnels it to the integral gutter to make caring for both the structure and your property. The cantilevered structure is capable of withstanding seriously strong winds, it has been tested in winds of over 147km and remained upright and safe. 

Safety First

The strength of the polycarbonate material  that shelters the Cantaport has also been stress tested to ensure that it will not show signs of stress, crack or split if installed by an authorised company for at least seven years. We also need to consider the effect of the heat of the Australian climate on outdoor structures, so the Cantaport is made from certified non-combustible materials. 

The carport is low maintenance, the aluminium is rust and termite resistant, and has an anodised surface which keeps its finish and colour and is not faded by UV light. The downpipe has a removable cap, which means that the gutter can be easily flushed should it get blocked. The only cleaning of the structure required is stain removal with water from a high-pressure hose on occasion.

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