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Carport Builders Melbourne

If you don’t want to leave your car outside exposed to the elements, then you should consider a carport. When a vehicle is parked under a carport, it is protected from rain, dust, sun, and other weather conditions that could mean costly damage. A protective structure also makes your car or truck less visible, and therefore less vulnerable to theft.

The most apparent advantage a carport has over building a garage is cost. We can build you a good quality, sturdy carport to your specifications for a fraction of the cost of a garage.

A carport is an open structure which we can tailor to match the style of the rest of your property, so it doesn’t look as imposing as a garage. It can also be a flexible, multi-use structure if you size it to allow for storage as well as car protection.  

A carport can be constructed from a variety of materials, depending on your needs and preferences. You can decorate your carport as you would any other garden structure, with seasonal planting to soften it and make it look a part of your home. Plants growing along the edges of the structure will also provide subtle privacy and screening. 

Have a look at previous carport projects in the photo gallery below for inspiration.

Benefits of A Carport…

Weather Protection

A carport is roofed to provide shade and protection in any weather. You can keep your vehicle safely out of the elements and prevent the damage that strong sunlight and dust can cause. 


A carport can be useful because of its proximity to your home. We can construct your carport close to your house and advise you on lighting so you can pull up and park right next to your door in a well lit, safe place rather than on a dark street.

Burglar Deterrent 

If your car is safely off the street, then it is less likely to be vulnerable to vandalism. The likelihood of opportunistic theft from your vehicle is reduced, too, as thieves are less keen to enter covered areas close to a house.   

Additional Space

You can use carports as an outdoor porch for extra space, or even as a shaded area for storage. Depending on the size of your carport, it can also be a great place to keep trailers or boats out of the elements.

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Service

Comprehensive services including onsite inspections, the development of plans, arranging all permits and paperwork.


A thorough understanding of all current building codes, council permit and government regulations.


A complete knowledge of all current and new materials available for building pergolas, decks & verandahs and we can advice you on the best quality and ideal fit for your build.

Registered & Skilled

Skilled tradesman that turn up on time and produce projects as specified by the client. Our builders are registered and members of the HIA Building Association.


Most importantly, we’re honest and upfront and pride ourselves on providing quality outcomes to our customers that you’ll love and will also add value to your home.

Australian Owned & Operated

We’re a small business which is Australian owned and operated. Everything we do is managed by our team of builders and we won’t outsource any elements of your build.

See Some of Our Carport Builds

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of stumps are used for the deck?2020-07-19T14:17:14+10:00

Cypress pine or concrete stumps are used.

Does your company get the plans and permits for me or do I have to go elsewhere?2020-07-19T14:12:22+10:00

We offer full services regarding writing up plans and obtaining all permits required.

Is there planning and or other permits I may need to build my carport?2020-07-19T14:11:56+10:00

A planning permit, report and consent, over easement permission may also be required in addition to your building permit. We can help you with all of these.

Do I need a building permit for my carport?2020-07-19T14:11:32+10:00

All carports require a building permit unless they are classed as a repair in rare situations.

Do you take away all the rubbish and building materials away after you have finished the build?2020-07-19T14:11:06+10:00

Yes, we always leave your property as clean as it was when we arrived.

What maintenance is required for my carport?2020-07-19T14:10:34+10:00

For timber carports especially, re painting and staining is a must. Cleaning of the roof and gutters every two years is also recommended.

Can I close in parts of the carport to make it more enclosed?2020-07-19T14:09:47+10:00

Yes, side and end wall can be incorporated into the build of the carport how such feature may require additional permits.

Can I have my carport stained or painted?2020-07-19T14:09:18+10:00

Yes, we offer professional painting and staining services.

What type of roofing can I choose for my carport?2020-07-19T14:08:44+10:00

Roofing comes in a wide variety of materials, profiles and systems. These include standard steel, colourbond, polycarbonates and a wide range of additional plastics.

Who supplies your aluminium carports?2020-07-19T14:08:14+10:00

Nearly all of our structural aluminium carports are supplied by Cantaport.

Who supplies your steel carports?2020-07-19T14:07:45+10:00

All our steel carports are supplied by Stratco.

What size posts can I use?2020-07-19T14:07:13+10:00

Anywhere from 90mm through to 300mm for timber. For steel and aluminium sizes usually range from 90mm to 150mm.

What type of timber do you use for the posts?2020-07-19T14:06:46+10:00

Cypress pine however many other types of timber are available on request.

What type of timber do you use in building my carport?2020-07-19T14:02:40+10:00

Most carports are made from treated pine although other hardwoods can be used depending on taste and requirements.

What type of structural materials can I have the carport made out of?2020-07-19T14:02:14+10:00

Timber, steel and aluminium.

Should I choose a flat or gable roof carport?2020-07-19T14:01:30+10:00

Style of the carport depends on things such as budget, the space the carport is being placed in, height requirements, features required and so on.

How much will my carport cost?2020-07-19T14:00:17+10:00

Small carports can start as low as $4,000 to $6,000 and go to $40,000 depending on materials and extras that are required.

What is a carport?2020-07-19T13:56:28+10:00

A carport is a gable or flat structure that has a roof on it. A carport can be either attached to a building or freestanding.

Why is Affordable Pergolas the best Carport Builders?2020-06-17T20:56:23+10:00

Great question! We have extensive experience in building carports for homes around Melbourne. If you don’t want to leave your car outside exposed to the elements, then you should consider a carport. When a vehicle is parked under a carport, it is protected from rain, dust, sun, and other weather conditions that could mean costly damage. Over the ten years that we have been building pergolas, decks and verandahs and caports and we have found that all of clients simply want the following qualities & outcomes. From comprehensive services including onsite inspections, the development of plans, arranging all permits and paperwork to a thorough understanding of all current building codes, council permit and government regulations. We are here to help your carport come to life.

Are you and all of your trades fully qualified and licensed?2020-06-17T20:57:16+10:00

Yes, we are registered building practitioners and members of the HIA Builders Association. We’ve been building for over 10 years and can comfortably guide you through the process of adding a deck, pergola, carport, verandah or alfresco area to your home.

Will you help with building and permits?2020-06-17T20:57:05+10:00

Yes, absolutely! We can help you navigate all of the complicated elements that may present when building your own deck. Our service starts with the design of your deck and discussing your requirements for screening and privacy. We can then assist you with submitting the correct details for council permits and can alter the design of your deck to fulfill local requirements. 

Our Clients Say It Best…

We could not be more happy or excited by our new pergola. Chris has been so professional from our initial quote request to completion of our job. His team were so efficient and personable and the end result is beyond our expectations in look, price and usability.

Sam & Jasmine, Wheelers Hill

I would be happy to provide verbal references anytime. A great job done with care & with the customer at the centre of focus, will always recommend.

Mark, Heathmont

“A terrific pergola and an overwhelmingly positive experience. Thanks very much to both of you. It was a pleasure to have you working here and the pergola looks like it was built with the house rather than added later

Donna, Macleod

Hi Guys. We now live out on our new deck and pergola, it’s like an addition room, we love it. Your advice prior to construction was really good.

You committed to having the job done before Xmas and you were spot on. We had Xmas lunch and survived the wild storms.

Overall your team was very friendly & professional. 100% recommendation from us!

Ken & Jessica, Williamstown

Terry and I are very happy with our retaining walls and look forward to working with Phil to complete our pergola. Could not fault Phil in anyway and would be happy to recommend him to others.

Trish & Terry, Croydon

We absolutely love our new pergola! The workmanship is fantastic, all the workers were friendly and very tidy. We would highly recommend APM to anyone who needs a new pergola. The pergola is everything we wanted in design and it is very practical.

It adds another room to our house. Thank you.

Cornelia & Rob, Balwyn

Overall we couldn’t be happier with the end product. The quality of workmanship is great and it’s better than what we envisaged. The advice given in regards to the feature slat jarrah wall and bar was welcomed to the point of even agreeing to have it built.

Thanks so much for your professional service and craftsmanship. We have already recommended you to many of our friends.

Chris & Julie, Doreen

We were very happy with the workmanship and efficiency of the Affordable Pergolas team. We were very happy that they removed all of our old remnants of our decking from our property. Our repaired decking is better than it was when it was new.

Thanks, Chris, Mark & Jack.

Kevin & Nancy, Upwey

I can’t fault Chris & his team at Affordable Pergolas Melbourne. Great communication, arrived on time, every time. Finished in an extremely timely period… and just what I requested, I got.

Certainly recommend to other interested customers.

Anne, Rowville

We liked your service because you were punctual and professional. Keep up your good work, mate!

Eduardo, Knoxfield

Thank you so much for building the deck in a timely manner and at an affordable price. I really valued the time constraints we had and how we booked in to suit our needs.

You also offered solutions for changes to the design which was appreciated.

Thanks you again, Heidi.

Heidi, South Kingsville
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