Plans & Permits…

Drafting Process

  • Initial discussion regarding project, building permit and quotation.
  • Assess if other permits and services are required. ie: planning approvals, building over easements, BAL reports, engineering, etc. If so, we contact you to discuss and explain processes.
  • Development of plans, small alterations if required. Plan includes…
    • Site plan.
    • Plan view.
    • Elevations.
    • Details, notes & material lists.
  • Plan completion.
  • Obtain building permit and other permits/services if required.

Getting Started:

Once you have decided to ahead with your project we have found that most people are keen to get the plans and permit completed as quickly as possible.

To speed up this process, we ask that you supply the following.

  • Copies of existing house plans including site plan, house plan & elevations.
  • House Title (if not available, we can easily order online).

If no plans are available, your council may have some available or alternatively we offer a full house/block measure up for $110 (gst inclusive).


On having completed the plans, the next step is to apply for the building permit.


  • Supply plans of proposed structure – site plan, top elevation and side elevations.
  • Prepare and complete appropriate documents required for the application.
  • Download house title, copy of subdivision and any additional paper work required.
  • Payment of fees required.

On submission, the surveyor will issue the permit after reviewing the plans and documents.

Typically for structure such as pergolas, verandahs and decks, between 2 to 3 inspections are required.

  • $2,200 – gst inclusive, plans, building permit, all associated documents & fees..
  • $280 – gst inclusive, plans of each additional structure.
  • $280 – gst inclusive, full site/block/house measure up.

To get your plans & permits up and running or if you have any questions, please phone or email us.