Thinking of adding a pergola to your home?

Pergolas have always been a charming addition to any home as it provides people with a protected environment while outdoors. Pergolas can be built using an array of materials and we’ve broken down the different types that we use in the business.

Get To Know Different Materials and its Pros and Cons


A timeless material that can make any home look even more charming than it actually is, timber or wood is easily customisable and sturdy. Using wood is a popular choice especially when you’re going for that rustic look for your home.

Using wood for your home would be a good material choice because of its versatility. It can be painted and stained according to your taste, or you may leave it to naturally age. Wood looks elegant amidst the foliage in your garden and amp up the value of your home.


  • Give your home a rustic edge with pergola made out of wood.
  • Wood can be stained or painted according to your preference
  • Wood pergolas can easily be attached to your home
  • Wood is a pretty long lasting material
  • Wood is considered a strong material when taken care of



  • Pricey compared to other materials available for pergola construction
  • It may take longer to install
  • Requires some maintenance


For homeowners who have started considering renovating their homes for the first time, aluminum might be a wonderful option. This may not be a choice for people who would rather go for a rustic approach, but if you choose longevity over the way the pergola looks, aluminum is the way to go.


  • Highly resistant to the elements because it doesn’t rust.
  • Affordable and won’t break the bank. It won’t cost an arm and leg to have a pergola installed to your home if you choose aluminum
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight material
  • Can be painted according to your preference


  • Not a flexible material, therefore designs will be limited.


One of the sturdiest materials in the market is steel, but like aluminum it might not be a popular choice for those who prefer to use timber. Using steel for your pergola has its advantages especially when your goal is to build a structure that will stand the test of time. There are steel materials that are rust-free, which means that it won’t rust from moisture in the air or from the rain. Unlike wood which can develop molds and algae over time, you won’t be running into problems like these in the future.

Steel pergolas are perfect for hanging gardens if you want to add a touch of flora to it. It would be easy to design a steel pergola using linens too. A modern and sleek upgrade to your home, steel pergolas have earned the admiration of many homeowners for its durability and affordability.


  • More affordable than using wood
  • Highly resistant to different weather conditions
  • Steel is sturdy and fire resistant
  • Using galvanised steel will ensure that the structure stays rust-free for years to come


  • May rust unless you use galvanised steel or you consistently apply sealers
  • Designs that use steel might not be to your liking


For a timeless and stunning pergola that matches your house, go for concrete. Concrete is a versatile material and gives you the luxury of adding other accents such as stones, pebbles, and bricks. Concrete is a low maintenance pergola material once construction is completed and can blend into the facade of your home seamlessly.


  • Weather, rust, and fire resistant material
  • Have the option of painting its surface or adding other accents such as stones and bricks
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Costly compared to steel and aluminum
  • If not done by professional pergola builders like Affordable Pergolas, you will end up spending more than you actually intended.

Which Material is Best For You?

Depending on your style and budget, there are materials in the market that would make wonderful options for your pergola.

Pergolas, verandahs, and decks have been a popular addition to many homes in Australia because it gives people the luxury to enjoy the outdoors in a protected environment. As for design, it is best to talk to professional builders to help you decide.

Affordable Pergolas in Melbourne

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