If you have been toying around with the idea of having a pergola built in your backyard, then you might have already thought about costs. Sometimes, in the excitement of having it built, you might be overlooking important factors that will ultimately affect how much you’ll be shelling out.

Check out these 6 handy tips before committing to a reputable company such as Affordable Pergolas Melbourne to help make you an informed decision.

Watch Your Wallet: 5 Tips

DIY or go pro? Building a pergola yourself or hiring professional builders both have their pros and cons. DIY projects can be fun to do and an experience you can share with family and friends. You have control over what materials to use and how much you want to spend but doing it yourself means you need some background in
construction. Building a pergola isn’t as simple as one might think; there are measurements to consider and even paperwork to file. Enlisting the help of a professional pergola builder can help make the process infinitely easier.

Shop around. Do a bit of searching and ask around for any reputable company that builds high pergolas. If you have a friend or neighbour who already has a pergola in their backyard, ask who built it. Take your time to shop around and make sure to call. Don’t solely rely on information posted online. It is always best to talk to someone when you’re serious about having a pergola.

Be wary of the word “estimate”. Some companies like to pass off their fees as “estimate” when really there are hidden costs along the way that you have no idea about. When the final bill comes, you might be surprised at how far off the “estimate” is from the actual amount. To avoid this, it is best to have a clear idea about how big you
want your pergola to be and if you have a design in mind. When you talk to a company, give specific details so that they won’t be using the “E” word. If or when they do, ask for a fixed price. If they can’t give you one, time to look for another contractor.



Set your expectations high, but not too high — at least when it comes to the design. When designing your pergola, you might have wanted the exact same one you saw on Pinterest the other day. A company can tell you if it’s doable or not once they see your property. Prepare to adjust your expectations accordingly so that your wallet doesn’t have to.

Be honest. A reputable company would want their client to be forthcoming about how they want a pergola to look and how much they are willing to spend. Tell the company upfront that you have a particular amount in mind and ask if your design can be built based on the budget. An honest company will be able to work around your budget and
work closely with you so that you get an outdoor space that is the envy of your neighbourhood.

The Takeaway



Pergolas are really an extension of your home and provide a safe and secure environment for you and your family to spend time in. Never skimp on quality and workmanship when you work with Affordable Pergolas Melbourne, a company that has over a decade of experience building pergolas, decks and verandahs in Melbourne. We handle everything from paperwork to construction so that you won’t have to! Contact us now and ask us about building the pergola of your dreams.