It’s pretty common knowledge that the weather in Australia can be a bit of a mixed bag. We’re blessed with a climate that can vary pretty drastically, which can be a drag especially when we enjoy our time outdoors.

That’s when a pergola can come in handy.

A pergola is an outdoor feature that can become an extension of your home or as a freestanding structure in your garden. There are many reasons why people choose to have a pergola built, and we’ve listed the top reasons why clients come to us for a customised pergola.

Top 6 Reasons For Getting a Pergola

They are attractive

For obvious reasons, adding a pergola to your home makes it infinitely more attractive. A backyard can look dull and boring but with a pergola installed, it instantly becomes a picture-perfect architectural structure that fits right into your home. Visually appealing, a pergola allows you to spend sunny afternoons as if you are in the Mediterranean. With so many styles at your disposal, made of a variety of materials, you can be sure of a worthy home upgrade.

Added value to your home

Melbourne is one of the most sought after places to live in in Australia. It has a highly developed CBD and many job opportunities for people. Australians also enjoy spending time outdoors. Home entertainment has become a huge part of our lifestyle and day to day living, and what better way to maximise that with the use of a pergola in your backyard.


A pergola is a smart investment that promises profitable returns especially when you have intentions of selling your property in the future. The resale value will soar when potential buyers notice how much you have made use of your indoor AND outdoor space. With many designs to choose from, as long as they are made of quality materials, pergolas are relatively easy to maintain and will last for a long period of time.

Your plants will love a pergola

Aside from being eye-catching, pergolas will lend your flora a helping hand. Many climbing plants will benefit from having a pergola in your backyard and over time you can admire them weaving their way up to the vertical beams overhead. The sky’s the limit with what plants you choose to grow near your pergola; you may even choose a grape vine! Another option would be to hang planters from the beams. Pretty soon you’ll have your own version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in your backyard.

As long as the plant requires moderate sun and shade, a pergola won’t hinder your gardening efforts. Climbing plants need little help as they grow; sometimes all it needs is to be loosely tied on one of the posts and it will readily grow vertically. Do your own research about which variety or species will work best for your pergola. For example, roses are climbers but will need more assistance compared to other climbing plants.


You get to create a definitive space

Pergolas have the power to define and set space around an otherwise blank garden or backyard. Because it is open, it also won’t feel as if you have cut down on space. Another thing to consider is that this “new” spot you created has its practical uses — it is now a useful area in your property.

Pergolas give shade and privacy

You might think that because pergolas are pretty much open, it won’t give you the privacy you might need from time to time. Fortunately, pergolas are versatile structures that allow you to design it however you want them to look. Affordable Pergolas offers assistance in getting the necessary contracts and permits done. We are well-versed and up to date with the latest building codes, council permits and government regulations. We would be more than happy to
not only build a pergola according to your specifications, but also get the paperwork done for you.

To the untrained eye a pergola may look like a structure made of beams and whatnot but there are so many designs that can help make a pergola fit according to your needs. The size of the beams and how far apart they are are factors that will determine how much of a shade a pergolas may provide. You may also opt to add a fabric overhead if the sun is too bright or hot, or let your climbing plants do the work and wait for a natural shade to bloom right before your eyes.


Pergolas are easy on the pocket

When you’re looking to change the way your backyard or garden looks without breaking the bank, then a pergola is for you. While they are affordable, it makes an impactful impression to your backyard. The beauty of a customised pergola is that we can create one according to your budget.

Pergolas allow you to play host (or hostess)

It is always exciting to have your house updated or renovated and after you have your pergola built by us, you’ll always find reasons to have visitors over.

Melbourne is a city of contrasting weather conditions; during summer months it experiences high temperatures while the winter season can bring about chilly days best spent in front of a roaring fire. A pergola provides a comfortable environment in your home no matter the weather. Whether it’s basking in the sun while enjoying a cold beer, or watching the moon glisten on a snowy night, there’s no better place to enjoy it than in a pergola.


Entertaining outside is a luxury you can now enjoy when you have a pergola. You won’t hesitate to have friends and family over while you cook up a storm. You’ll discover that the pergola is a party-friendly area which can be easily decorated to your liking. Drape fabrics, hang some plants, put some streamers… no matter the design, a pergola is a versatile structure that you will fall in love with.

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