Pergola Plans

Thinking about building a pergola or verandah yourself? We will soon be offering full flat and gable roof verandah plans in various lengths & widths.

The only items you will have to fill in is the “site plan” sheet and height measurements.

Other pages & items details that come with the plans are…

  • Plan view.
  • Two elevation views.
  • Fixing detail drawings.
  • Materials list.

We will be offering an introductory price of $19.95 for all plans! To register your interest please send an email with your name in the subject box to –

Free Pergola/Veranda Do It Yourself Plans & Guides

  • Hayters Pergola Plans – Details to build a pergola plus information on timber sizes and connectors.
  • Mitre10 Pergola – Pergola timber sizes, connectors, footings, images and complete build instructions.
  • Projects Pergola – An explanation of costs, time and tips to build a pergola (1997).

Additional Pergola Plans, Tutorials & Packages


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