To assist you with a price estimate, we include the following information for your convenience.

It is also important to remember that any pergola over 20 metres square will, by law require a local council permit. This can add substantially to the overall cost of your project. We advise you contact your local council for permit costs, or we can do this for you.

We recently constructed a flat (skillion) roof pergola that was 5.3 x 4.2 metres for a client as follows;

  • the existing dwelling was of brick construction with metal fascia (metal fascia generally require strengthening in the roof with backing timbers or brackets in order to hold the additional weight of the pergola).
  • the pergola was constructed from kiln-dried treated pine to ensure durability and to be long lasting.
  • the pergola included high quality 125 x 125mm cypress pine posts mounted on galvanized steel styrups.
  • all rafters were securely attached with galvanized nails and batten screws/multi grips to ensure the structure will remain extremely strong for many years.
  • roofing was a combination of clear and colored polycarbonate.
  • guttering and downpipes were included to ground level.

The cost to our very happy client was $4,300

Her additional costs included:

  • Painting – undercoat and two top-coats $500 plus paint cost
  • Plumbing works to connect the downpipe to the storm water, $200

A grand total of $5,000 (gst exclusive).

Our clients are consulted at each stage of the construction, as the end product is for YOU THE CLIENT, not the builder.

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